Tıp Fakültesi

Mission, Vision and Core Values


To train qualified physicians who have a high level of knowledge and professional competence, who have adopted ethical principles, who understand the importance of public health, who can communicate well, who are researchers, who have gained the ability to successfully use their professional knowledge in favour of their patients,

To contribute to the field of health sciences at a universal level, to disseminate knowledge effectively to the whole society by using entrepreneurial, sharing, pioneering social obligation functions,

To provide innovative, comprehensive, holistic health services at international standards, to produce scientific suggestions and solutions to improve the health of society and individuals, to prioritise the needs and requirements of the country and the region, based on the principle of “At the Service of Life”.


In line with the principles of “Always Forward” understanding, to be among the leading medical faculties with national / international prestige by pioneering in medical education, scientific research and health services.