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Ethics Committee


The restructuring process of the Non-Interventional Research Ethics Committee is ongoing and information about the Ethics Committee applications will be announced on our page at a later date.

06 July 2023, please apply to the ethics committee secretariat for the results of the ethics committee meeting held on 06 July 2023.

Application Date : 
Last Application Date : 
Meeting Date : 

Note: Please fill in the form no. 1 in the Application Forms that the Head of the Department or Education Officer has been informed.

Note: If the studies and data you will use in your research belong to different departments / branches, please fill out form 12 in the Application Forms.

Note: Please send the BGOF (Informed Voluntary Consent Forms to mgodekli@atauni.edu.tr).

Please submit the Application Forms to Damla TURGUT, Secretary of the Ethics Committee, both in printed and electronic media (Usb-Memory) separately. Please fill in the forms completely and carefully. The finalisation of the applications may be delayed due to forms filled out without due diligence. You can send your questions about the forms to Damla TURGUT, secretary of the ethics committee.

Contact Centre

Tlf:+90 442 344 65 11
e-mail address: atatipetikkurul@gmail.com

Things to Know Before Applying to the Ethics Committee

Ethics Committee Regulation

Please read the explanations in the appropriate tabs below before applying.


You can download the Application Forms from the downloadable attachments section at the bottom.

Forms required for application

1. Application Form (Mandatory)
2. Application Petition (Mandatory)
3. A photocopy of the relevant departmental board decision of our research assistants who will apply for thesis (Mandatory for Thesis Studies)
4. CV Form of the Applicant (Mandatory)
5. Budget Form (Mandatory)
6. Sample Informed Voluntary Consent Form (Study dependent)
7. Biological Material Transfer Form for Multicentre Research
8. Blue Coloured Plastic File with Transparent Cover (Mandatory)
9. 3 pieces of literature on the subject in Acrobat Reader (.pdf) format: Literature must be in electronic format (Mandatory)
10. If the studies and data you will use in your research belong to different departments/branches, you must fill out form 12 in the Application Forms.


1. Biological material transfer form will not be filled in single-centre studies.
2. The ethics committee application of our Research Assistants who do not have a chair board decision will not be evaluated.

For clinical trials ethics committee studies https://www.titck.gov.tr/faaliyetalanlari/ilac/klinik-arastirmalar

Measures to be Taken in Clinical Trials Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Scientific Research Evaluation Commission

Correction Change Form

You can download other forms from the list below.